Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Undub (English Patched) [MaiDump 233.2z.Ex] PSVita

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    Game Title: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
    Original Title:イース VIII -Lacrimosa of DANA-
    Platform:PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)
    Release Date:July 21, 2016
    Publisher:Nihon Falcom
    Region:Japan (NTSC-J)
    Dump Type:Maidump 233.2z.Ex
    Game ID:PCSG00881
    Unpacked Size:3.42 GB
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    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is a Action RPG game published by Nihon Falcom released on July 21, 2016 for the PlayStation Vita.

    Ys VIII is the 8th mainline game in the Ys series and it is set between Ys V: Kefin, the Lost City of Sand and Ys VI: The Ark of Napistim.
    It covers his journey entries known later as the “Periplus of the Gaete Sea”.
    Adol is boarding a ship departing from Xandria towards Eresia but on the way there the ship is attacked by a sea monster and becomes shipwrecked…..again.
    Adol wakes up on the beach and finds himself on the Isle of Seiren, an island said to be eternally cursed. After rescuing his fellow castaways, they build Castaway Village and Adol journeys forward in his exploration of the island’s mysteries.
    Meanwhile, a blue haired girl named Dana appears in Adol’s dreams during his time here and it seems to be connected with the island.

    Battle system is pretty much a continuation of Ys Seven and Memories of Celceta except everything looks alot smoother design-wise.
    The party based system, attack types, triangle weakness system, the skills system, and Flash Move/Flash Guard have been retained.
    A new system called Break was added where if you hit the enemy with an attack that it is weak to, it gives you extra effects depending on attack type and increases drop rate.
    You can also control your target lock-ons now with the right stick and I forgot if Celceta allowed you to jump. Well, you can jump attack in this game the way Adol did back in Oath in Felghana with his piercing downward stabs.
    Also noticed enemies have attack indicators that make it easier for you to time your Flash Moves and Guards.


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