Dragon’s Crown (USA+DLC) [NoNpDrm] PSVita

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    Game Title: Dragon's Crown
    Platform:PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)
    Release Date:August 6, 2013
    Publisher:Atlus, Vanillaware
    Region:USA (NTSC-U)
    Dump Type:NoNpDrm 1.1
    Game ID:PCSE-00019
    Unpacked Size:0.95 GB
    Users Score:
    Rating: 4.2/5. From 15 votes.
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    Dragon's Crown is a Action/Beat 'em up game published by Atlus, Vanillaware released on August 6, 2013 for the PlayStation Vita.

    PSVita version of the same game, imagine dungeons&dragons, but awesome and japanese and you have dragon’s crown, and it’s multiplayer too, up to four people can play at same time, so what else you need?


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