Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea (USA) [NoNpDRM] PSVita

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    Game Title: Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
    Platform: PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)
    Release Date: January 17, 2017
    Publisher: Gust, Koei Tecmo Games
    Region: USA (NTSC-U)
    Dump Type: NoNpDrm
    Game ID: PCSE00998
    Unpacked Size: 3.02 GB
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    Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea is a RPG game published by Gust, Koei Tecmo Games released on January 17, 2017 for the PlayStation Vita.

    Atelier Shallie Plus is a port of Atelier Shallie, which debuted on the PS3. It is the 16th game in the Atelier series and the 3rd game in the Dusk trilogy

    Atelier Series Description

    The Atelier games are a series of “crafting” time management RPGs where you gather materials from the field and monsters and use them to synthesize a variety of items via alchemical reactions. The synthesis system, although simple in practice, gives you a decent amount of customization on your items. Throughout the game, you will be obtaining better materials, which you will then use to make and remake items for better effects.

    Every few months, you will be given assignments (Gone in Shallie and the Mysterious series) where you turn in specific items or perform the main goal given along with a bunch of sub goals that you should complete for maximum benefits.
    Other than that, the game is pretty open world. You gather and craft, gather and craft, rinse and repeat. And trigger events to interact with the other characters in town.

    If you want some CHALLENGE, there are some optional bosses that require alot of preparation to defeat in late and post game.

    Atelier Shallie Plus Description

    The third game in the Dusk trilogy. It takes place 6 years after Escha & Logy in the area surrounding the oasis city of Stellard where the effect of desertification is extremely apparent compared to the previous two regions.
    The plot is Shallistera (Shallie) is an alchemist that has come to Stellard to seek help for her village but the city already has alot of problems to deal with and offers a mutual cooperation agreement. Shallotte (also called Shallie) is an aspiring alchemist with ambitions to strike it rich although she’s been delegated to trash cleanup at the start.
    Like the previous game, you can pick between which of the two heroines’ perspectives you want to follow in the plot. Shallistera’s perspective will be relatively more serious like Logy’s (geared towards RPG fans) while Shallote’s perspective is more lighthearted daily life stuff like Escha’s (geared towards traditional expectations).

    You remember what I said about the battle system in the Escha & Logy post? They added the Burst system in so yep, complete copy-paste.
    The alchemy system has also been carried over from Escha & Logy with miniscule changes so carry on as before.

    The assignment system has been changed a little bit. Since there is no longer a time limit starting from this game onwards, all your goals have been composed into a “life tasks” system with required tasks in the center and four categories of optional tasks that you work towards gradually.
    Basically, go at your own pace since you don’t have to rush anything now. You don’t have to do all of them, just enough of the required ones to advance the story but there are benefits to doing all the required and optional tasks such as extra combat and synthesis exp, area gathering knowledge, etc

    Some characters from the previous games are part of the regular NPCs you interact with too.

    • Solle, the guy manning the desk, avid baker of sweets, and great benefactor of the homunculi race, apparently got promoted to Central and then got sent here.
    • Linca is a secretary (not the same Linca (8th one) from Colseit, this is her older sister Linca the 7th…google it).
    • Wilbell the not-so-novice witch is still out and about looking for elementals to enslave form contracts with and became Shallotte’s mentor.
    • Katia the merchant is here again wanting to rip people off with useless scrap
    • Escha also gets sent here on orders like Solle.
    • Harry the adventurer/archaeologist is passing by here on his many journeys around the world with Reyfer the treasure hunter tagging along.


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