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    Game Title: StandStill Girl (English Patched)
    Platform:Windows PC
    Release Date:June 12, 2014
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    Publisher:Sky Scraper Project
    Region:Japan (NTSC-J)
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    The story starts with a girl named Alice (AKA Main Protagonist) and Tiska (Caretaker?/Friend of said protagonist) who lives in the Land of Time. In the Land of Time, there exist a contraption called the Great Clock but one day, the hands of the Great Clock are mysteriously scattered and the Land of Life (Earth) comes to a standstill. Tiska’s job as a warden of time tried to look for the missing hands so Alice decided to help Tiska look for the missing hands.

    There really isn’t much to the story, half of the game is about Alice, half of it is about the main problem of the plot. I won’t spoil much about the story but there are multiple endings which only matter at the end of the game when you are given decisions.

    This game is a simple Turn Based Battle RPG game but this game has a unique style of battle system. All of your actions during battle are entirely made out of skills which you can learn as you progress through the game but there are skills that have a specific prerequisite such as using a certain skill 25 times or having it used against you.

    (There is a secret not-so-skill, it can only by used by using “Just Watch” action by pressing up on your turn BUT it has 1/100 chance of activating)

    You don’t get any type of armor, only accessories, and like any other game, they give you stat boosts or certain buffs. Its up to you to find them all.

    The entirety of this game can be beaten to 3-5 hours depending on how you play it or more if you decide to grind for the extra bosses.


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