Pokemon Reborn (Episode 16) PC

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    Game Title: Pokemon Reborn
    Platform:Windows PC
    Release Date:December 14, 2016
    Publisher:Reborn Team
    Region:Region Free (Region Free)
    Game Format:Installer
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    Current Beta: Episode 16
    Number of Gyms: 13 currently (18 when finished plus Reborn League
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Language: English
    Original Source: http://www.pokemonreborn.com/game/
    Developer: Amethyst, Kurotsune, uhmmm others (The dev team is bigger than most ROM Hacks)


    Pokemon Reborn is a RPG Maker game currently being worked on by Amethyst and the devs at the Reborn forums.

    The story takes place in the polluted city of Reborn. In Reborn, there are almost no Pokemon, too much pollution. The people also rarely venture outside its large brick walls and the villain team, Team Meteor, has already taken over the region from the shadows. You, an aspiring trainer, arrives in Reborn City hoping to challenge the Reborn League but you get caught up in everything.

    The game is notable for having a more mature story compared to usual Pokemon games and you have a limited roster due to the nature of the city. You find one time captures littering around, lost and hungry.
    The A.I. in this game is no joke. Although the trainers are quite easy, you’ll get steamrolled by the Gym Leaders if you tread carelessly

    You are able to see EV/IVs in this game, it is recommended you use F12 to soft reset to obtain better IVs on desired Pokemon and breed them to perfection.

    Box 4

    All I can say is good luck. If you get stuck at a Gym Leader,
    It just means you need to rotate your party.

    For future Questions

    1. You can Full Screen by pressing Alt + Enter
    2. You can adjust controls with F1
    3. If font is improper, go to Pokemon Reborn/Fonts/ and install the Pokemon fonts in there. Double click.
      Switch fonts in Options in-game
    4. Your save file is located at User/Saved Games/Pokemon Reborn
    5. Where can I find X Pokemon? Who knows, the game may not even have it. Limited Roster and all.
      There is a Reborn Forums thread detailing obtainable one’s locations though.


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