Blue Wish Resurrection Plus (JPN) PC

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    Game Title: Blue Wish Resurrection Plus
    Original Title: ブルーウィッシュ リザレクション +
    Platform: Windows PC
    Release Date: March 11, 2008
    Genre: , ,
    Publisher: x.x.
    Region: Japan (NTSC-J)
    Game Format: Installer
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    This one is a good beginner’s vertical bullet hell shmup for getting into the subgenre. The bullet stream isn’t too overwhelming with a decent amount of legroom to dodge.

    • There’s no special gimmicks in this game but it is a solid shooter.Tap Z or Hold C for Shot
    • Hold Z for Power Shot/Slow Shot
    • X for BombsIf you get hit by a enemy bullet, your shield will activate and take up one of your bombs. You get 3 bombs per life.There are four ships to command and they each have their own distinct shooting style.
    • The original three and a special Eden’s Edge cameo ship in reference to one of the developer’s other games.

      Minimum System Requirements:

      • Operating system: Microsoft Windows
      • CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M Processer 1.40GHz
      • Memory: 512MB
      • Video card: Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,
        901GML Express Chipset (メモリ 128MB)

      How to Install:

      1. Click setup EXE.
      2. Click the right N button and choose install location. Make new folder for game if necessary
      3. Click the N button two more times and let it install
      4. Click the game EXE and a popup appear. Left is fullscreen, right is windowed. It will asks this every launch unless you set it in custom.exe


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    Download Size: 40.5 MB