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    Game Title: ALLTYNEX Second
    Platform: Windows PC
    Release Date: August 14, 2010
    Genre: , ,
    Publisher: Siter Skain
    Region: Japan (NTSC-J)
    Game Format: Portable
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    The last game in the ALLTYNEX trilogy. It’s a remake of the 1996 FM Towns shooter ALLTYNEX by Satoshi Yoshida, who later forms Siter Skain.

    This time you get a variety of weapons: regular Spread Shot, Lockon Lasers, Wing Blades, and Beam Cannon.

    Z = Spread Shot
    Z+X or C= Homing Lasers
    X= Bullet Cancelling Blades
    X+Z= Wave Motion Cannon (You can use it when the arrow shows up after using Blades)

    Homing and Wave Cannon uses up Energy again like RefleX and it affects the output of your Spread Shot. Energy recharges slowly on its own whether you’re shooting or not unlike RefleX. You gain small boosts when you kill enemies.

    The Blade allows you to go melee and also swipe bullets away (not lasers though) but it lowers your Score Multiplier even faster than normal.

    Stay on the other weapons if possible to get higher score.

    There is no Shield bar like Kamui/RefleX to gauge how many hits you can take. Instead you have this Defense Field orb that goes from Blue to Red.

    System Requirements


      • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
      • Processor: Intel Pentium4 1.4GHz or better
      • Memory: 128 MB RAM
      • Graphics: DirectX 8.1 or above and Direct3D with 64MB or more of VRAM
      • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
      • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible Sound Card

    How to Play:

    1. Extract and play


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    ALLTYNEX Second PC Download

    Download Size: 110.2 MB