A Hat In Time + Updates (USA) PC

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    Game Title: A Hat In Time
    Platform: Windows PC
    Release Date: October 5, 2017
    Publisher: Gears for Breakfast
    Region: USA (NTSC-U)
    Game Format: ISO
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    A hat in time is a wonderful revival of the often forgotten genre of 3d platformers inspired by the great classics like banjo kazooie and super mario sunshine in this game you take the role of Hat kid a cute space traveling girl in an amazing quest to retrieve the fuel for her spaceship wich will take her trough incredible worlds and put her in tons of crazy scenarios like a murder train mistery or doing the dirty work of a demon so come on you too put your hat on and embark on this adventure!

    System Requirements:

    • Operating system: Windows 7,8 or 10 64bits
    • CPU: 3.0 ghz
    • Memory: 4gb RAM
    • Hard drive: 5GB Free Space
    • Graphics hardware: Direct x9 Compatible video card

    How to Play:

    1. Mount ISO and run set up exe
    2. Then when codex installer shows up be sure to check the box that says copy codex contents to install folder
    3. For the updates do the same but after installing the game and do them one after the other update one first then update two afterwards


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    A Hat In Time PC Download

    Download Size: 3.3 GB