Tips for Slow Internet Connections


Some help for the folks with slow internet connection. If you are paying nothing or close to nothing for your internet service then it’s very possible that your internet sucks. Slow speeds, poor signal and intermittent connection being the most obvious symptoms, but don’t despair there are some things you could do.

Tip #1

Internet Download Manager:

This program rocks, it tries to split the download into multiple tinier downloads in order to get the fastest possible speed. It will also tell you if the download can be resumed after an interruption which is essential if you have a bad internet connection because you don’t have to start over after loosing connection, it will pick up where it left.

Download it from here:
Install it and enable the browser addon it installs, after that restart the browser.

Tip #2

Let’s get physical!
Physical connections are SO MUCH BETTER than wireless connections, obvious? Not for everyone it seems.
Laptops usually have very good wifi cards and an internal antenna that is hidden on the frame of the screen, this helps laptops get a very strong signal overall. Wifi cards for PC’s on the other hand…SUCK.
So if you have a PC and a Wireless router but you still use Wifi to connect try getting a UTP cable to connect the router to the PC physically the connection quality will be instantly astronomically boosted.

If you are sharing or stealing your neighbor WIFI:
Wifi is pretty cool but when some solid walls/floor are in the way it’s not so cool anymore. The best you could do in this case is go talk to him and offer to pay half the internet fee then get one of this beautiful things called UTP cable:

I know what you are thinking: “You are asking me to get out of my house talk to a person and spend money on a cable? Are you out of your mind?”
Maybe i am  but you can’t pretend to pay nothing at all and have good service, this is the closest you could get to the real thing without spending too much.

Tip #3

If you are using 3G dongles:
This things suck by default. But there’s one thing that could help to get a better signal: An external antenna.

3G antenna

Go to a PC shop and get the biggest 3G antena you can find with the longest possible cable. Try to put the antenna on a place it can “see” the sky like a window or a balcony also the higher spot the better so don’t put it on the floor or next to walls that block the signal. This should get you a couple of signal bars which might make the difference from a bad internet connection to a good connection so think about it.

Tip #4

Talk to your ISP:

Seriously sometimes people just shut up and take it, listen: YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Just call your ISP and tell them all the problems you have with your connection they are the only ones who can fix it so insist until they get you the service you are paying for, or simply start looking for another ISP that offers a better service.

That is all i can think of for now, have other tips to share? Just leave a comment we would love to hear about them!