How to Update PSP games with PSP ISOTOOL v1.981

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What’s this?

Sometimes PSP games get updates released after the game is out, this updates add different things like new levels, quests, armor/weapons, etc. Often the update needs to be attached to the game ISO, on this post i explain how to do that. Note that you need a real PSP to do this.

How to Update PSP games:

  1. Start by downloading the needed tool:
    MEGA: isotool1981.rar GDrive: isotool1981.rar Mirrors: isotool1981.rar
  2. Then right click it and “extract here”. Copy the iso_tool folder to /PSP/GAME
  3. Now when you download an update it will be a folder with the game ID. Copy the update folder also on the GAME folder and make sure the ISO you want to update is already on the ISO folder.

4. Launch iso tool

5. Select the ISO you want to apply the update to with X, then choose “Game Update” from the menu.

6. Select yes to start.


7. Wait for it to finish

8. After the update is done, close iso tool. That’s all.