How to Patch Games with PC or Android


This is for how to patch games, not how to make patches.

I will be dividing this into PSP patching, GBA patching and NDS patching since those are the most active ROM hacking
I’m a Windows user by the way but patching should be the same regardless of platform.

The Patching Utilities

Before we start, I would like to introduce the patchers you will be using.
The patchers are  very easy to use. Usually it’s just direct the file path for the game file and patch and then it patches the game file. Very simple.
Out of the three, Windows has the most support.


LunarIPS – The simplest of the IPS patchers. Just click “Apply Patch” and it will prompt you for a “file to patch” and IPS file.

NUPS – The other format being used is UPS since it allows
extension of the ROM to a larger size to allow more space to work with.

XDelta GUI – This the XDelta1/XDelta 3 patcher.
Used extensively in NDS/PSP hacks. Your XDelta patch file is
either 1 or 3. This supports both though.

beat – The patcher for the new BPS format(even better than UPS). Only a few groups use it though.

PPF-O-Matic – Patcher for PPF format patches. Only games I
recall using it is Project Diva and 2 others whose names I forgot.


MultiPatch – It’s IPS, UPS, PPF, XDelta, BSDiff, or BPS patcher ALL-IN-ONE program. Windows doesn’t have a multi-patching utility.


JIPS – Java-based IPS patcher. Can run on Windows, Linux, MAC OX, and Solaris.

Tsukuyomi UPS – The UPS patcher. Works on both Windows and Linux.

YADP – Tool for patching xDelta File on Linux by Nhoya.

For BPS, and PPF formats. No patchers exist. Find a Windows or MAC computer and do it there. If you have an Android phone, there is still hope. Apple products don’t have anything.


ROM Patcher – It’s a nifty on-the-go Multiple Format patcher if you can’t access a PC. Supports 12 different formats.
For XDelta patches, the format is either XDelta 1 or XDelta 3, they both use the .xdelta extension so try both.

The Actual Patching

Since I provided patchers for 4 different platforms, I can’t give
extremely accurate directions catered to your needs but general directions will do if you actually follow the directions and not skim stuff then complain later how X isn’t patched.

GBA/GBC Patching

1) Obtain a IPS/UPS patch and a clean ROM of what you are planning to patch.
2) If they are in ZIP/RAR, extract them out with Winrar. This is
Now that we have a IPS/UPS and a .GBA/.GBC file, we can
3) Grab the IPS/UPS patcher of your system and Direct the File Paths and patch it. Done.
Lunar IPS will prompt you for the files instead when you click “Apply Patch” but it’s the same thing as File Redirection.
Other IPS patchers would ask for the file paths before starting to patch.
4) Rename the patched file to something else so you can keep track of what is what.
5) Get an emulator and play it. If it shows any signs of changes (like actual English or new new sprites),
IT Worked.

PSP Patching

PSP patching has two formats of patching: XDelta or custom patchers by the translation teams.

If you got a custom patcher, follow the translation team’s
Examples of this is Dangan Ronpa, Valkyria
Chronicles 3, and Final Fantasy Type 0.
These are usually Command Prompt directions to make your built-in system to replace files quickly.
Just follow the original site instructions, it’s their patcher. They know what to do and you don’t.
If you got the patch from a third party site, go find the original translators’ site. Don’t say you can’t because you CAN. What is Google for?

If you have XDelta
1) Obtain the clean ISO(not CSO) of the game to be patched and the XDelta patch file.
If the file is in ZIP/RAR, extract the ISO out using Winrar.
2) Open XDelta GUI (or whatever patcher you are using) and
redirect the file paths for the Source File and the patch.
If you see an Output window, it is a completely new file. Name it anything you want BUT ADD A .ISO (Period ISO) at the end of the name.
3) Click patch. Wait 5-20 minutes depending on the size of the ISO and patch. The program might make some Not Responding freezes because it’s actually in the middle of patching and can’t pay attention to you.
Be Patient.
4) When it is done, find the output file and rename it if it already isn’t for memory reasons.
5) Play the patched ISO and see if it worked.

NDS Patching

NDS patching is easy too. It uses IPS/UPS or XDelta depending on the creator’s preferences.
Follow the instructions of GBA (IPS/UPS) or PSP (XDelta).
Replace ISO or GBA/GBC with NDS and you got NDS patching.

Patching of Other Systems

I also do SNES patching. Literally the same deal. Uses IPS/UPS usually.
N64, PS1, SNES, NES, and anything else probably uses a patch with a format mentioned in Patchers section up there
If you find a format not listed on here. Just Google “insert format” patcher “insert system” and you will probably find a patcher for your PC system. If you don’t get anything, does not exist.