FIX for “Bandwidth Quota Exceeded” Error


As of Jun 3rd, 2017 this method no longer works.
More info (reddit).

This is a trick to bypass mega’s “Bandwidth Quota Exceeded” error. You’ll need:

Method 1: Use MegaDownloader

Please note that megadownloader is not megasync. It’s a third party program. To use it just download it (link above), open it and copy a mega file or folder link (it takes both) and it will automatically pick it up. If it doesn’t you can Click the + sign and add it manually.
IMPORTANT: If you have the official MEGA Addon for chrome/firefox REMOVE IT. Since it will modify the links to “mega:#…” instead of “https://..” You need regular links to use megadownloader.

Method 2: Use MegaDownloader + IDM

Install both programs and follow these steps carefully:

  1. First, install IDM. (if you already have it, skip this)
  2. Open MEGA Downloader
  3. Click the configuration (gear symbol at the top-right)
  4. Click “Streaming” tab then check “use streaming server” then save.
  5. Click “Streaming” tab again (not in configuration) then watch online.
  6. Copy the link that you want to download from MEGA on your browser then paste it to “MEGA URL link”.
  7. New link will appear, copy it.
  8. Go back to IDM. Click “Add URL” then paste it then click OK.


How to download from Folder Links

When you have a link to folder it will not work, you need individual file links! To get them Simply import the files to your own mega account, then on your own account right click the file and click get link -> link with key.

And you are done. No limits, easy and fast download with IDM. Hope it helps. 🙂