Applocale Emulator Guide to Run Japanese Games


Many Japanese games and applications will not run on an English PC or run with errors, some might not even install, the solution to this would be to change the language setting for non-unicode programs to Japanese, But that would mean rebooting to change back to English every time you are not playing the game, the solution? Use Applocale!

UPDATE: Microsoft does not support applocale anymore so they removed the page to download. I think it didn’t work anymore on windows 10 so people now use locale emulator. You should be using locale emulator from now on and not applocale.


  1. Download the latest locale emulator from github.
  2. Extract it to a folder.
  3. Open LEInstaller and click install/upgrade.
  4. Open LEGUI and click save.
  5. Now right click the game you want to run in japanese and select “LOCALE EMULATOR” and then “Run in Japanese (Admin)”. See picture below.

locale emulator guide


(For archival purpose only! Use locale emulator from above!).

Installing Applocale:

Download Microsoft’s Applocale.

You will get a apploc.msi file, run it to launch the installer. This is simple, the classic next, next, finish screen.

Using Applocale (The standard way):

It’s not very intuitive so here is what you are supposed to do:

  1. Click start menu and search for Applocale and open it.
  2. Click next and select “Launch and application”
  3. Click browse and find the exe of the game you want to run/install.
  4. Click next and select Japanese (日本語) from the drop down menu.
  5. Select create a shortcut and click finish.

Alright but where is this shortcut found?
You have to click Start – All programs – Microsoft Applocale
And there it is, you can drag them to the desktop from there.

Now that is a lot of clicks for a simple task. But you only have to do it once for each game you need.

Japanese Locale on right click (The quick way):

I hate the way Applocale works, but there’s a workaround, you can install a register modification to add Applocale to the right click menu!

Download it here:
Applocale Right click Installer (Right click save as)

Download Uninstaller (Right click save as)

What this does is add the option “Japanese Locale” to the right click menu, so all you have to do is right click the program or shortcut and choose “Japanese Locale” to play it.


The advantage is that you don’t need to do all the steps of the annoying classic way, but the drawback is that every time you launch the game you have to do it with the right click -> Japanese Locale method.

I hope this tutorial helped you understand what is Applocale, how it works and how to use it more efficiently. Cheers!