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Welcome to the FAQ in here you will find answers to the most common questions you people have asked us over the time, i hope this helps clear your doubts:

  1. How to download?
  2. What’s the password?
  3. How to extract parts?
  4. How to fix corrupted parts/Wrong password error?
  5. I get a PSP_GAME and a UMD_DATA.BIN file instead of an ISO?
  6. How do i play the games on a PSP?
  7. The game doesn’t work on my PSP?
  8. The games is glitched/bugged on the emulator?
  9. How to play PSX games on EBOOT.PBP format?
  10. How do i update my PSP to 6.60 and Install PRO CFW?
  11. How to use DLC on PSP/PPSSPP?
  12. How to play UMD VIDEO?
  13. How to display all files extensions?
  14. How to install a PC Game in ISO format?
  15. How to crack a PC Game?

1. How to Download?

If a game is split in parts you need to download them all. Sometimes we use more than 1 option (hosting), you can always download one part from one host and another from another host, in other words they are interchangeable. Every host is different but i’ll show you the ones i use the most. Mega, GDrive and many more.

In many cases you will be taken to adfly site, we use this to pay for server fees and protect ourselves from DDOS attacks. All you have to do there is wait 5 seconds and click “SKIP AD” if another tab opens you close it.

Downloading from GDrive:

Really easy you just click the download button and you are done, i’ll show you some pics.

If the files are really small the button will be at the top right corner.
If the file is bigger you’ll get this warning just click download.
Again this is telling you the file is big to scan it, just click download and you are done!

Downloading from MEGA:

The regular method is clicking download through your browser or if there are many files in a folder select them all and right click -> download. See pictures:

Single File download from mega using the browser.
Downloading all files from a mega folder, just right click and select download.

From mega you can also use MegaSync software to download.

2. What’s the password?

  • Most of the files don’t have any password!!!!!!
  • Older versions of Winrar will ask for passwords randomly, UPDATE WINRAR.
  • IF there is in fact a password it will appear above the download links (after you resolve the captcha). Example:
  • If it’s not there, there is no password! Redownload the file since it must have downloaded wrong.
  • Sometimes Winrar will guess and say (wrong password?) when the file is corrupted. Again this doesn’t mean there is a password you most likely need to redownload the file (see question 4).

3. How to extract parts?

BIG games are split in smaller parts because not everybody can download big files believe it or not. Some files are split with Winrar others with 7-zip, both programs can extract many formats (.rar/.7z/.001/.002/etc) provided they are updated to the latest version.


  1. First Download ALL the parts.
  2. Make sure all parts are on the same folder (DO NOT rename the files or change the extensions).
  3. Install latest WinRAR, this is important! old Winrar can’t extract new packages.
  4. Then right click the first part only and click “Extract here”. That will extract the whole package. You don’t need to do anything with the other parts.


Same instructions as Winrar except the menu is under 7-zip -> Extract Here:

4. How to solve Corrupted parts/wrong password error?

Corrupted parts happen while you are downloading if you connection is not stable enough, 99,99% of the times it doesn’t mean the upload is broken!

Winrar will try to guess which part is corrupted. To fix it double click the part and winrar window will open, go to tools – repair archive, winrar will create a new file named rebuilt.filename now delete the original part and rename the new one removing the “rebuilt.” of it. Then try extracting again.

If repairing didn’t work, delete the corrupted part(s) and redownload it.

Sometimes winrar is not accurate at guessing what part is corrupted, one way to tell is checking the sizes, example: if all parts are 409.600 KB and one is 409.250 KB you can be pretty sure it’s corrupted so you need to remove i and download it again.

Another way to tell what part is corrupted is by checking the CRC. Install HashCheck Shell Extension, post the name of the Game and the CRC32 of each part and i will tell you which one is corrupted.


5. I get a PSP_GAME and a UMD_DATA.BIN file instead of an ISO?

Those files are inside every PSP ISO. If you see that is because you extracted the ISO content! let’s say you downloaded all parts of a game, do right click on any of them and choose “extract here” The file you get after the first extraction is the ISO file. Don’t go further by extracting again!

If you can’t distinguish between a RAR file and an ISO file it’s because your PC is hiding the file extension and/or using winrar icon for ISO files too.

SOLUTION: Stop hiding file extensions! (You will see the .iso extension after doing this)

  1. Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.
  2. Click the View tab, and then, under Advanced settings, and Clear the “Hide extensions for known file types” check box, and then click OK.

Now you can tell which one is the iso by the extension. But the icon still looks like winrar, to solve this:

  1. Click Start, type winrar and open it.
  2. Click Options, Settings and go to Integration tab.
  3. Untick “ISO” and click OK.
  4. Reboot the PC.

6. How do i play the games on a PSP?

To play the games your PSP must have 6.60 PRO-C Custom firmware installed, without that games will not work at all. See Update Guide.

After extracting you will get an ISO file. (can’t see the iso file? See question 5)


  • Copy that ISO file.
  • Connect your PSP via USB.
  • Make a new folder on the memory stick, name it ISO.
  • Paste the ISO file inside it.


  • Now you can play the game by going to the GAME menu on your PSP.

7. The game doesn’t work on my PSP?

All games are tested to be working on a PSP 3000 running 6.60 PRO-C fix3 Custom firmware.
You need a Custom firmware to play games on ISO format. Follow this Guide to update.

8. The games is glitched/bugged on the emulator?

Emulators aren’t perfect. This is not a Problem of the game/iso or the upload. All PSP games work perfectly on a real PSP. Every game is made differently and not all games will work properly on your emulator or at all. There are a million things that can go wrong with it so please refer this questions to the emulator forums: PPSSPP forums

9. How to play PSX games on EBOOT.PBP format?

Eboots go into the Game folder like this:


Note: “SLUS00664” is just an example, the folder name varies for all games. Never put eboots inside the ISO folder, they will show as corrupt data.

Official PSN Games can’t be emulated they only work on a real PSP also try not chaing the folder ID cos it can break the game believe it or not. Also make usre you have PRO-C fix3 CFW because PRO-C2 is bugged and PSN games don’t work on it.

10. How do i update my PSP to 6.60 and Install PRO CFW?

Follow this guide.

11. How to use DLC on PSP/PPSSPP?

Follow this guide.

12. How to play UMD VIDEO?

You need a modern CFW like 6.60 PRO-C
1. Create a new folder inside your ISO Folder. Name it “VIDEO”
2. Copy the ISO inside the VIDEO folder.
3. Then on the PSP Press Select Button. Move the cursor to “ISO VIDEO MOUNT” and press left or right until you see see the name of the ISO, then press X to select it, the VSH will restart.
4. To play the Video, go to the VIDEO menu (not game)-> UMD and press X to launch it.
That’s all, UMD Video are not like games but intereactive videos. If the iso is japanese usually you can use X to accept/play/pause and O to close the game (careful with that).
Using left/right on the D-pad you can fast forward the movie, some videos have this disabled but there’s usually a code to unlock it, i will post this code on the post of the game in case it’s needed.

13. How to display all files extensions?

Start -> Control Panel -> Appeareance and Personalization -> Folder Options -> VIEW tab -> Deselect “Hide extensions for known file types”


14. How to install a PC Game in ISO format?

  1. Download and Install Daemon tools Lite.
  2. Open daemon tools lite and click “Quick Mount”, find the iso file and click Open.
  3. The game will be located on My Computer as if it was a CD inserted on the PC.
  4. Proceed to install normally by launching double click on the CD.

15. How to crack a PC Game?

This varies by game and type of crack. In any case it’s very easy to do. We will provide the crack in our uploads with every game that needs it. First thing you want to do is find the crack.

If the game came in a folder there should be a folder inside named “Crack” but many times also it has the name of the cracking team or scene release team, ie: 3DM, SkiDROW, PLAZA, etc.

Bear in mind, antivirus will remove crack files so if the folder is empty, search online how to add the folders as exception on your antivirus, then extract the game again to recreate the crack.

If the game came as an ISO. Follow Question 14 of this FAQ to install, once you do that go to my computer right click the mounted CD and click Open, you will see the game folder, find the crack folder within the game files.

Once you see the crack files, copy them all. You’ll need to paste them on the installation directory unless otherwise specified by the uploader. An easy way to find the installation directory is to find the game shortcut on the desktop and right click it then -> properties -> and click “open file Location“. There is where you paste the crack. Often the files already exist, you must overwrite all.

Most modern cracks work by replacing original files so that should do it. Some cracks require you to run the crack after copying it. In any case that’s how you crack games.